Long Distance Relationships: The ups and downs of the airports

Well, what can I say; airports can be so exciting, yet so sad… I’ve encountered both scenarios. I can really speak about this subject. People that share long distance relationships just like my girlfriend and I, can relate to this article. This article is dedicated to all those people.

I’ve traveled all over the world, North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. I’ve packed baggage so many times that I’m already an expert at it. It can be so exciting, yet so sad. It all changes if you have someone in your life. When it comes to travel with extra baggage the situation changes drastically. With extra baggage, I don’t exactly refer to a bag; I refer to the pain of leaving the one you love behind.

I remember the first time I left her, after my brother’s wedding, after having such a beautiful night, I had to leave. It was so painful; an airport didn’t seem like that in the past. The long walk to the check-in counter, the look in her eyes, my feelings, her feelings, so many things combined, then, the moment of truth… saying good-bye before crossing the security check-point. Lots of feelings, emotions, and ideas come to your mind. Questions like: What next? When I’m going to see her again? What’s gonna happen? Etc. Once you pass the security check-point, there’s not much you can do, there’s no chance to give her a last hug or a last kiss, the only option you have is to walk to the gate and make the long wait for the plane carrying the extra baggage. This has been my life for the past 2 and a half years, however I’ve learned to accept it and deal with it. I have to remind myself that it is not forever, and that soon, the airport is not going to be my enemy anymore, because she will come my way.

We have great things about airports as well. They can be so exciting. When you have a well deserved break after a long period of work and you’re going to visit your loved one, an airport can be so exciting. Everything is perfect. The check-in counter seems great, the coffee you sip at the gate, the seat on the plane, etc. But the best feeling amongst all is when the plane is landing and you’re ready to see her. That’s when the entire wait, the pain, and the desperation melt. That’s when you know that no matter how painful it is, it is worth it to be in a long distance relationship. No matter how many hours you have to travel, no matter how many airports you have to stop at, if you feel that, then you know it’s right.

My advice is, no matter how painful it is, no matter how heavy the extra baggage is, no matter how many times you have to travel, no matter how many miles, if you feel that excitement after a long journey, then the person is right for you. Keep on fighting, keep on traveling, but make sure you have a deadline in mind. If you do this the extra baggage will feel lighter every time and when you least notice it, you won’t be carrying it anymore… and then, the airport will be your best friend once again.


  1. My boyfriend says we should celebrate our anniversary at an airport, because that's where we always have happy reunions and tearful goodbyes. The last time I left, we must have stood there hugging and kissing for a half hour. My plane was boarding when I got there, but luckily it was the gate right after security.

  2. true. I took a revenge to the airport last summer. 2 years ago I said goodbye at that airport, and last summer,I met him again at the same airport.:)
    Hopefully will meet him next summer at another airport.
    It's a bittersweet relationship with airports once you've had LDR. :)
    Love your blogs. Cheers!

  3. How long do you wait..met my bf oct of 2010 on the internet.met him in in person april of 2011,we fell hard for eachother,but I'm having a hard time with this.we both just can't pick up and go when we want to..and I'm not sure I want a part time boyfriend.the two weeks we spent together was the best two weeks of my life,we connect on all levels.he has to wait four years,before moving..a boyfriend two weeks out of a year?I'm having a hard time digesting it.feeling like I'm trying to talk myself out of it..any advise?my hearts breaking:(

  4. wow! - this is so true!

    Some of my deepest pains have been leaving my love at the airport - oh my - words cant express the sadness I felt, the long flights home. Oh, trying to hold back tears, so sad.

    And also on the way there again, airports can feel wonderful!!!!!

    Thanks so much for this article, and lets all understand eachother that we are in the same boat and there are LOADS of other couples in the same situations.

    And when you do eventually meet again - what a romantic story you have in your relationship!

  5. I've been in a long distance relationship for about five months now, and it'll probably be another year before the distance will end. I agree that airports are the greatest and worst places in the world.

    Every time my boyfriend and I are separated, it is the saddest, most difficult moment to endure. But as soon as the countdown to being together again restarts, it gets better.

    My advice to anyone in a long distance relationship is to book flights as soon as you can, even if the are six months away. Then you can look forward to your next visit instead of pining over someone and not knowing when you will be reunited.

    Good luck to all of you! x

  6. I am new to a good long distance relationship where i have to meet him at the airport in his town but he says i might have to take cab to hotel and he really wont have time for me with work how should i feel about it when i want that one happy time the first flight to see him when he my not be there to see me come in or spend really any time with me.

    1. I wanted to comment on your post. I have been in a LDR for almost 2 years now - and this blog post on Airports is so very true. We always associate airports with exciting trips and adventures and while on one hand it's super exciting when you get there it's also so very sad when you have to leave.

      Both my love and myself have travelled distances to be with each other, and each and every time we've met each other at the airport. I think it is important that you put aside the time to be with your love, that is the essence of your relationship. Being together and meeting you at the airport should be very important to him. Mind you there are times when life gets in the way and you may have to travel in a cab to get where you have to go - but honestly, if this is your first time going to see him I think he should definitely make the time to pick you up. If he is unable to make the time for you (at all) when you make the trip to see him, then maybe another time would be best?

      Have you spoken to him about how you feel? Communication and honesty is very important, and while it may still be very new to the both of you this is the time where that honesty needs to come out. It should be special, and he should make the time to make it special for the both of you. We all have to work, and trust me my love works 10-14 hours a day sometimes, but he always without fail will make the time for me when I am there.

      Good Luck, and be honest with him about how you feel!

  7. When he can get time off but dont want to try to

  8. I met my bf on the internet its almost 2 years im going through hell each day we make plans about the future he tells me loves me everyday but some how our plans always have extensions its always next year or something we got engaged on valentines day he was here for 15 days may be I see him august or December the uncertainty kills me im totally in love with him we talk all night on yahoo every night we don't sleep without each other you may think that im kinda crazy but ever since he went back home I feel something is different I really cant say what it is but something has change for 1 I feel calling me has become a routine he says that nothing has changed but somehow I feel that way he dosent speak much I cant read him his next move or what he might be thinking on matters of the heart things like I love you I miss you comes out but baby im trying this if this work out things will be different nothing about that if I want to know something I have ask when I do all I hear is im working on something I don't li making plans stuff like that he is never straight forward I don't know where I stand that freaks me out its like I misses him a lot and I tell him sometimes I cry but he seem to have it all together I know he is a man but aren't men sensitive too or even if hes not like that can he just be alittle bit more sensitive to my needs as a woman its just I love you ok I give you my heart what more you want me jump off a bridge ......I hate when he says I love you ok im sooo confused

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  10. I didn't let my boyfriend go with me to the airport. I knew I wasn't strong enough at the moment. I don't think I will ever be. We said goodbye at the front door of a hotel while waiting for a cab. I told him that once I left just to go inside. I didn't want him to look at the cab leave and I didn't want to see him stand there. It was so heartbreaking and probably the worst thing I've been through. Nearly had a panic attack in the hotel. Anyway, I can't wait to see him again in December. And I am looking forward to him waiting for me at the airport.

  11. Hi. I'm new to this blog and this was the first blog post I was reading. My bf and I are in a long distance relationship for 3 years now. The thing you wrote is soo true! When I was reading it it totally took my back to the first time we had to say goodbye and I felt the same way again. There are almost no words to describe that feeling. I always have mixed feelings about airports as well. Currently I'm living close to one and I get reminded of these feelings every morning when I hear the airplanes landing a few kilometers away. But it's ok. Still, every morning when I wake up I miss him like crazy, but I got used to a way of living and accepting the fact that we'll be together again soon. I'm really glad I found this blog. Sometimes it's hard to express your feelings to people who are not experiencing the same thing. I'm looking forward to read more of it :)

  12. I also have those mixed feelings about train stations as the quickest way to get to my significant other is the Eurostar. I just stumbled onto your blog and I can relate to a lot of your posts. I just wrote about my experiences being in a LDR, you can give it a read here if you like http://thesundayblah.com/2014/08/24/making-the-long-distance-work/.

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  15. Hi everyone! My boyfriend and I have been doing the long distance since August when we both went to separate colleges. We are trying to see each other for spring break in a few weeks but we just can't afford it. I just created a gofundme account and it would be amazing if any of you guys could donate or just share the link! Thank you so much! http://www.gofundme.com/n4fgp0


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  19. The greatest parts of our relationship, was seeing her at the airport walking into my arms, and it absolutely tore me apart when it was the reverse. i absolutely love, " Keep on fighting, keep on traveling". it relates a lot to me and I'm sure to many. I've just started blogging my own story about her. Give it a look if you've got the time :)


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