Long Distance Relationships: Attending a Wedding Alone

Last weekend I was invited to a wonderful wedding for a wonderful friend, and given that my honey is thousands of miles away, I was absent my plus one. I imagined sitting there alone while the happy couple exchanged their vows and looked lovingly into each other’s eyes. They would dance together along with all the other happy couples, and I would be sitting sipping my wine wondering how long I was required to stay.

At least that’s how the wedding played out in my mind. When you’re in a long distance relationship, attending events alone can be rough. They make you feel even lonelier than you normally would feel and you can’t even flirt with any of the single guests at the event because you’re taken.

So I did something wild and crazy – I decided to just make the most of it. I called up one of my close girl friends and invited her to be my “date.” I got all dressed up and took pictures to email to my boyfriend.

I drank wine. I chatted with some interesting people who had also gotten stuck sitting at the singles table. I danced to Spanish music with some of the French groomsmen (which I pray no on caught that on tape but would probable make a great America’s Funniest Home Video).

I was happy to see my friend so happy at her wedding. And as soon as I got home, I called my love to tell him all of my stories.

I’ve come to realize that sometimes we limit ourselves. We picture the way life should be and make ourselves miserable when inevitably life deals us a different hand. In an ideal world, I would have been at my friend’s wedding with the love of my life. We would have danced together and exchanged smiles during the ceremony. In the real world, however, my love was thousands of miles away.

Nonetheless I enjoyed myself, and I learned an important lesson: make your own rules. A long distance relationship isn’t an ideal situation but if you’re lucky enough to have love in your life than enjoy it and make the most of it. As they say: “when life gives lemons, make lemonade.”


  1. good for you!!!!

    I find this same philosophy to be true of newly divorcees too.

  2. I have attended a wedding back in manila with my boyfriend before...

    but i know the feeling of being a third wheel A lot. with my uncles, cousins. etc. and THEY are sooo sweet in front of me! im like. okay. .awwwwkward.

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